I recently won the People’s Choice award at the UC Santa Cruz 2023 Grad Slam competition, where graduate students across the entire university presented their research in just 3 minutes to the general audience. The video of my presentation is below.

I’m featured in the March 2021 edition of LIGO Magazine. I talk about my arrival at UC Santa Cruz and the discovery of the kilonova in 2017.

In Costa Rica, my home country, the public has been very excited to know that a fellow Costa Rican has been involved in this gravitational/electromagnetic wave breakthrough discovery. I gave a public lecture at my former university, Universidad de Costa Rica, in December 2017.

Several media interviewed me (in Spanish) regarding the LIGO/VIRGO discovery, our discovery, my experience, etc.

  • An article published in La Nación, Costa Rica’s main newspaper, can be found here. This newspaper also highlighted the discovery as the neutron star merger as being the scientific breakthrough of 2017.
  • A very popular radio show, Nuestra Voz, interviewed me live. You can listen to the audio here (starts at minute 10), and read their article here.
  • My former university, Universidad de Costa Rica, highlighted the public lecture I gave there in December 2017.
  • Finally,, a popular online journal, published two short articles, which you can read here and here.
  • Additional media coverage from UCSC can be found here.

Article published in La Nación, Costa Rica’s main newspaper